Luís Azevedo & Filhos, S.A. was founded in 1996, in Guimarães, a city with a great textile tradition. The company develops its activity in the textile sector, specifically in the production of circular knits. It is distinguished for having been a pioneer in Portugal in the creation of knitwear collections.

Since 1996 we have been producing and supplying high quality knitwear.

Luis Azevedo is a textile company dedicated to the production of knitwear for the fashion sector, but with concern for the level of sustainability and functionality of its products. Innovation and exceeding market expectations, as well as the transparency of our production process and social responsibility are part of our DNA.
And it is from this effort to understand reality that Luís Azevedo’s success results. In a constantly changing market, our goal is to anticipate consumer needs. Thus, in addition to two annual collections of trends, our ideas laboratory constantly develops new articles, very directed to the ready fashion.

Luís Azevedo prides itself on creating authentic partnerships with its customers and suppliers, and is present at the most significant international fairs in the sector.

Project title | Luís Azevedo Internacional Project code | NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-001606

Main objective | Strengthen the competitiveness of PME’s

Intervention region | NORTH

Beneficiary entity | LUÍS AZEVEDO & FILHOS, S.A.


Approval date | 12-11-2015

Start date | 25-05-2015 Completion date | 24-05-2017

Total eligible cost | 234.094,60€

European Union financial support | FEDER – 105.342,57€

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results

The company Luís Azevedo & Filhos, Lda. Was created in 1996, dedicating itself until today to the wholesale trade of textiles, with an internal department of creation / development of products and quality control.

It has a diversified customer portfolio, but mostly in the national territory, already exporting to several international markets. Thus, it intends to increase its presence in foreign markets, being recognized for its quality, innovation and bold design.

With the internationalization project, the company outlined strategic objectives that essentially go through:

– Development of new collections, with new design and new technical features;

– Increase presence and visibility in foreign markets;

– Extend the presence in international fairs;

– Improve the promotion of your products, by betting on digital marketing;

– Achieve a direct export rate of 37.20%.

To achieve the objectives in question, the promoter plans to develop an action plan, framed in the following types:

– Knowledge of foreign markets: through participation in international fairs in the sector, with a representative stand to publicize the company and its products;

– Presence on the web, through the digital economy: via SEO, Google Adwords and website remodeling, with the creation of an area reserved for customers;

– Prospecting and presence in international markets: by conducting prospecting missions in different markets where you intend to enter;

– International Marketing: for the development of multilingual catalogs and the hiring of 2 Human Resources for the Commercial area.