Luís Azevedo & Filhos, S.A. was founded in 1996, in Guimarães, a city with a great textile tradition. The company develops its activity in the textile sector, specifically in the production of circular knits. It is distinguished for having been a pioneer in Portugal in the creation of knitwear collections.

Since 1996 we have been producing and supplying high quality knitwear.

Luis Azevedo is a textile company dedicated to the production of knitwear for the fashion sector, but with concern for the level of sustainability and functionality of its products. Innovation and exceeding market expectations, as well as the transparency of our production process and social responsibility are part of our DNA.

And it is from this effort to understand reality that Luís Azevedo’s success results. In a constantly changing market, our goal is to anticipate consumer needs. Thus, in addition to two annual collections of trends, our ideas laboratory constantly develops new articles, very directed to the ready fashion.

Luís Azevedo prides itself on creating authentic partnerships with its customers and suppliers, and is present at the most significant international fairs in the sector.

Our people

At Luis Azevedo & Filhos, we look to our employees as our most valuable asset, as without these people it would not be possible to produce or achieve everything we have achieved. More than that, people are one of our main daily concerns, it is through them that we grow, mature and evolve. The attempt to provide our team with a harmonious and comfortable environment, as well as day after day satisfaction with their working conditions, is one of our main priorities.

Through the social responsibility we assume, we defend fair working practices and health and safety conditions at work.

Tecidoteca Luis Azevedo

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